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Isn’t Ecotourism Just Tourism with a Fancy Name?

No! Ecotourism is different than traditional tourism because it focuses on building understanding and appreciation for nature and the welfare of local people.

It’s about more than just being a responsible traveler. True ecotourism combines elements of:

  • Sustainability – Traveling sustainably means being conscious of how you travel and the large number of resources required to get you where you want to go. Once you’re aware, you work to minimize your impact on the environment.
  • Education – Knowledge is power. The more you learn about a destination, the more inspired you’ll feel to protect it.
  • Economic value – Local communities can benefit greatly from eco-tourists. Funding from this industry can generate income for locals, create jobs, and boost local economies.

Why Ecotourism Matters to Us

Conservation is the heart of our organization. We strive to operate responsibly while helping to protect and preserve the environment.

Without appropriate planning and management, lots of tourism to one area can have a negative impact. That’s true for Cabo’s environment as well. As a local tour operator, we want to protect this area for future generations and the people who call it home—and have for centuries. Ecotourism allows us to give you exciting and educational tours while contributing positively to the region.

Sustainable Ecotourism: Why It’s the heart of All We Do

Cabo San Lucas and the surrounding areas are famous for their natural beauty, amazing wildlife and biodiversity, and rich culture. At Cabo Expeditions, we want our guests to experience this beauty and abundance now and for years to come. That’s why we’re dedicated to protecting the natural and cultural heritage of Los Cabos.

We Put the “Eco” in Tourism

When you book with us, you’re helping us build our environmental programs and local conservation efforts. That means we can do more good for the environment while educating our guests about why it matters!

Whale Rescue

Cabo Expeditions is the only tour operator in Los Cabos authorized by the Mexican government to rescue whales. We work with the Mexican Navy to save and release them, since it’s not uncommon for the large mammals to get tangled in fishing lines.

We’ve been involved in many rescue missions, saving the lives of numerous whales over the years. Cabo Expeditions is passionate about the protection and preservation of these magnificent mammals. Without them, a hole would open in the ecosystem. Also, the more whales there are, the more you’re able to learn about on our whale-watching excursions. When we can educate our guests about the importance of whale conservation, whales everywhere benefit!

Environmental Conservation

We are actively involved in many marine research activities and environmental campaigns.

Teaching Children at Local Schools

It’s important to educate children about how fragile our ecosystem is because having an appreciation and understanding of the natural world when they’re young influences their values and encourages them to make a positive impact in the future.

Cleaning Up Our Beaches and Oceans

Healthy, thriving oceans are vital to our survival, so we implement and organize initiatives to clean up trash at local beaches and from the sea floor.

Supporting Other Organizations with Important Goals

Our efforts to protect the environment and all the species in it goes beyond our backyard! We’re a proud partner of Too Rare To Wear, a non-profit organization that’s working to protect critically endangered sea turtles.